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Matt Solar

"A significant increase in demand for our digital testing services drove our decision to move forward with marketing automation. Mautic’s slick, simple UI, overall ease of use, and ability to easily connect with other systems really sold us."

Matt Solar
Sr. Director of Community Management, uTest
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Reflections and Observations

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Solution

Announced at last week’s event, the MarTech landscape now has over 5,000 software products to choose from. Oh-my-lanta. This infographic literally hurts my eyes. A bunch of little logo dots splashed into similar sounding categories, how do you sift through this madness and assemble the right technology stack?

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marketing automation hustle

Is Marketing Automation Living up to Your Expectations?

There’s no substitute for old fashioned elbow grease and good conversation

MarTech Today recently published an article on why marketing automation is not living up to expectations. The article cites a number of reasons including:

  • Inability of marketers to align strategy with buying cycle of their audience
  • Feeding the content beast for all the automated touches is hard
  • Process and data quality issues and lack of analytical skill in marketing

The article’s author Mary Wallace, even goes so far as to say “Executing on campaigns that leverage behavioral information and the segmentation components of marketing automation remains almost impossible.” Really?

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Building Marketing Campaigns

How to Build Smart Marketing Campaigns

A single communication channel won’t work for marketers anymore.

Did you know that 92% of online ads aren’t noticed in 2017? Rewind about 20 years and the story was completely different.

Marketing Campaign CTR TattooAT&T purchased the first ever banner ad from in 1994 and a whopping 44% of the people who saw this ad clicked on it.

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