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Smarter automation that helps you optimize campaigns and content to achieve better results.

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CabinetM STACK UPdate: Mautic Open Marketing Cloud

In this briefing, CabinetM summarizes how Mautic’s Open Marketing Cloud Platform supports multiple channels providing users with the means to deliver a unified brand experience across digital properties.

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Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Founder and CEO, nDash

"From the beginning, Mautic has partnered with us to create the experience I envisioned. I’ve been really impressed with features Mautic offers, the guidance from the customer success team, and the power of the technology. The combination gives my team the confidence to handle the growth while still delivering the best nDash experience we can."

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Open Marketing Blog

Mautic's CMO Secrets with Zak Pines

CMO Secrets with Zak Pines

The "Moneyball Marketer" dishes on several hot topics, including the Marketing-Customer Success relationship and... the Celtics?

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Destination, Germany: Jan Pilarzeck of Trio-Group

Our newest series brings you marketing insights from our global network of partners. Joining us from Mannheim, Germany, Jan...

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Mautic Interview with Dan Slagen

[Video] 9 Good Minutes with Our Friend Dan Slagen

Dan stopped by the Mautic office and we broke out the video camera. You'll never believe what happened next!...

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