Open versus Closed

At Mautic, we think a lot about the vast difference of fast vs. slow; simple vs. complicated; lean vs. expensive. In short, it's the difference between open vs. closed -- and the impact these opposites have on the lives (and results) of marketers.

We started the Mautic open source project back in 2015 because we saw how much pain and frustration had been created in the past 15 years by old-school marketing tools falling behind the market's needs. Back in the early 2000's, marketers were just trying to set up emails for brochureware sites, so that was the tool that vendors built.

Fast forward 15 years, and past the revolutions in mobile, social and more. Today's customers expect a personal, perfect experience from your brand. They want seamless content and intelligent tracking from your site to your SaaS platform to your mobile apps -- and across all communication channels. The old-school, closed (read as: weak, confusing, expensive) tool vendors cannot solve the omni-channel marketing challenges of today.

That's why Mautic created the world’s first true open marketing cloud. This enables companies to automate and personalize their entire customer experience:

  • Across all digital properties, from websites to SaaS platforms to mobile apps
  • Across all communication channels, from email to mobile alerts to website toolbars to social

And with Mautic’s marketing tools already in use by 200,000+ teams around the world, we're rapidly improving the status quo. So if you've ever been frustrated by emails or landing pages that don't render properly, or nearly gone blind staring at a convoluted campaign for hours, or just thought 'there's gotta be a better way,' take Mautic for a free test drive. We'd love to show you what's possible when you leverage open marketing products.