Changing the world of marketing automation

Mautic got its start back in 2014 as an open source project & community. Our intent was to put powerful, intuitive & fast automation tools in the hands of marketers. And the best way to do that was via open source, which would enable Mautic to move much more quickly than a typical startup -- and ensure that our roadmap was being driven by the market. By doing this, we can help marketers improve quality of life, and their results.

You see, we believe digital marketing is one part creative art, and one part analytical science. But because of the rigidity and limitations of old school marketing automation products, these tools don’t enable marketers to be creative -- or to derive actionable intelligence from data. And those limitations make a marketer’s life -- and results -- worse.

With Mautic’s marketing automation in use by 100,000+ organizations, we set out to help modern marketers solve modern problems -- and to do so simply, quickly and powerfully. In short, we wanted to create automation that was human-friendly. This means marketing automation that works for the humans -- including the marketers that use it, the technologists that support it, and the visitors who consume it.

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