Enterprise Adoption of Open Marketing Cloud Solutions Drives Steep Growth

April 17, 2018: Mautic, the world’s only Open Marketing Cloud, today announced a record-breaking first quarter with top-line sales that were 8X greater than the same period in 2017 – and more than 50% growth over the company’s fourth quarter. Market interest in a flexible alternative to traditional, closed marketing automation solutions has fueled growing interest and rapid adoption of Mautic’s Cloud solutions.

Mautic gained dozens of new customers, spanning across company sizes and industries. The company now serves well over 100 cloud customers, as well as 50,000 freemium users around the globe. The Mautic team grew by 25% in Boston and Prague, including the addition of accomplished technology executive, Melissa Leffler, as its new Vice President of Engineering.

“This continued growth is a clear validation of the market need for a truly open marketing cloud,” said Mautic CEO, Matt Johnston. “We set new records for total sales, new customers acquired and saw the average sale price triple what it was a year ago. Mautic will build on this strong start to 2018 with a maniacal focus on making customers successful, product innovation across our marketing suite and contributing to the Mautic open source project.”

The Mautic team will be exhibiting at the MarTech Conference in San Jose next week. Visit booth #436 to see how Mautic enables marketers to automate and personalize their entire digital experience – across tools they have bought and systems they have built.