The story of Mautic is centered on a singular truth:

Traditional marketing automation tools are outdated and get in the way -- shackling marketers, rather than enabling them to move further, faster. And because these old school products are so rigid, marketers are forced to adapt to the limitations of their tools, rather than their tools adapting to the unique needs of a brand or a marketer.

Thus, traditional marketing automation has become a necessary evil, rather than a force-for-good that gives marketers more time and better results. Mautic is changing all that. Quickly and dramatically. And for the better.

So in reality, our story is actually all about you.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, then no need to read on. You are the rare person who is satisfied and happy with their marketing automation, and your professional life is bliss. Congratulations (no, really!).

But for the 98% of marketers who either don’t have robust automation, or are fed up with the solution they have, then don’t leave this site without learning what Mautic does. Because we believe modern marketing automation should be:

  • Fast to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful to control
  • Simple to integrate