50 Startups to Watch 2017

Mautic Listed on 50 Startups to Watch

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Built in Boston today announced their pick for 50 Startups to Watch in 2017. We are ecstatic to be included in this year’s list among many promising companies! The knowledge, experience and energy of the Boston start-up community is unlike anywhere else. We feel very fortunate to be recognized in such an amazing group. At Mautic we are building the …

Original Mautic Cloud Pro Package Expires Soon

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For almost 3 years Mautic has provided powerful marketing automation to anyone who needs it. Whether through an open source self-hosted solution or cloud-based solution, Mautic is changing the world of marketing automation, for the better. Our early adopters saw the value of Mautic to help grow their businesses. They include thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses that are connecting …


CMOs and the Big Squeeze

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Since the beginning of marketing, there have always been two camps. Data and creative. These two groups have done their best to work together, at times awkwardly combining research with creative campaigns to engage their audiences. But have they truly integrated to create real value in the digital age? A few years ago Gartner published a report stating that CMOs …

One Less Password to Remember: SAML for SSO Now Available

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User management just got easier with Mautic. The latest release of Mautic Cloud Pro brings integration with SAML for single sign-on (SSO). Put simply, when turned on, this integration relieves end-users from having to remember yet another username and password while offering enhanced security and streamlined user management for IT. Security is consistently at the top of the priority list …

Mautic Integration with Hubspot CRM

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Our development team here at Mautic marked the end of their first sprint as an agile team by releasing Mautic 2.4 to customers earlier this week. Users now have the ability to integrate Mautic with Hubspot CRM, another notch in the belt that helps marketers connect the dots across the marketing stack and work hand-in-hand with their sales counterparts. With …

Open Marketing – Buzzword or Missing Link?

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Every few years, there are new buzzwords that begin to circulate the marketing industry. These words encourage companies to think differently about how they go to market. The goal is usually to make marketing more relevant and effective. Currently, there are two buzzwords that come to mind. The first is ‘Inbound Marketing’. This is the idea of using relevant content …

Introducing Mautic Cloud Free & Pro

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As the leading open source marketing automation solution, Mautic’s engineering team — and our vibrant open source community — have spent the past several months adding great new features, flows and integrations. And today, we’re announcing some new enhancements to our Mautic Cloud Free product, and an all-new Mautic Cloud Pro product. Mautic Cloud Pro With Mautic Cloud Pro, you’ll …

2016 Aug 23 Downtime Explained

Alan Hartless Press

Mautic.com experienced a brief service outage on August 23, 2016. Starting around 8am Eastern Standard Time, we received a large influx of network traffic – many times exceeding our average. This influx caused an unexpected trickle effect throughout our systems that took a number of hours to hunt down, fix, and return everything to stable conditions. We have stabilized all …


Why Aren’t My Customers Listening?

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For years Gary Vaynerchuk has said “Marketers ruin everything”. As a marketer, I always cringe when I hear that. I take it so personally. But then I hear him explain; “…what we know is if you followed a brand, or as you use Facebook, as many of you do, or Twitter, we see a lot of crap, right? People just …