Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to creating an open marketing environment, but with every horizon that’s moved, there will be new challenges to face. We recognize that you may need guidance as you navigate this journey. We’re happy to assist.

General Questions

Although the term of marketing automation may be a bit confusing or different to you I’m sure you are familiar with the concept. We will begin by looking at what exactly marketing automation is and then how you can apply these steps to your business. To read more about the basics of marketing automation, start here.
We’re excited you’re here! There are so many incredible opportunities to explore as you begin to engage your audience. Whether you have launched your first account on Mautic Cloud, or downloaded Mautic Open Source, we’d like to help. This page is a great place to begin. Below are specific support questions for both Mautic Cloud and Mautic Open Source. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

There are also extremely valuable videos located on our YouTube channel. Feel free to watch our Mautic Minutes to familiarize yourself with just some of the many capabilities of Mautic.

The short answer is no and it’s against our Acceptable Use Policy to do so.

The long answer is a bit more complicated but bottom line is sending email in bulk to individuals who have not consented to receive email communication from your company is considered spam. Even if the company who sold the list is reputable and you have reputable intentions, most owners of the email addresses on that list did not give your company, or any other company, permission to solicit them with your product or services. This results in a high number of bounces, spam reports, or abuse complaints against our service and IPs. The higher those numbers, the more likely our IP reputations will be affected which has a direct effect on email deliverability for all our customers. Unfortunately, it is very hard to build an IP reputation but extremely easy to destroy it. Therefore, we just can’t allow the use of purchased or rented email lists no matter what the origin.

If you absolutely must use a purchased or rented email list, you will need to use a process outside of Mautic to direct them to your landing page with a Mautic form. Once they’ve created a business relationship with you, they are fair game but Mautic cannot be used to cold contact potential customers. If an account is found to be doing this, it may face review by our compliance team and suspension.

Since Mautic was developed, an amazing community of contributors have rallied to offer development time and support to those who would like to solve automation challenges in new and exciting ways. To participate in this community, we would encourage you to check out our Community Forums for frequently addressed issues, or Slack for specific questions about challenges or new ideas you’d like feedback on.

Using Mautic Cloud (

Welcome to Mautic Cloud! The good news about Mautic Cloud is that we have taken all the headache out of installing it on your own server and made it ready to use out of the box! There are additional email/integration configurations that are available to you should you desire more customization.
There are a number of powerful features and capabilities within Mautic. We’ve put together a quick Getting Started graphic that we hope will guide you as you seek to better understand and engage your audience.

Getting Started
You’ve outgrown Mautic Cloud Free and you want to go Pro? No problem. Simply visit our Mautic Cloud Pro page and let us know who you are. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how to support the growth of your business with all the benefits of Mautic Cloud Pro.

In the event you are experiencing a problem accessing Mautic Cloud ( please visit for a real time look at the current state of the Mautic Cloud.
Is your email sent from Mautic going to spam? Or are you getting a via beside your email’s from address? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Most email service providers try to protect your email identity by checking to see if the email came from an approved source. sends email on your behalf and thus email will likely be flagged as spam unless you tell the Internet we have permission to do so.

Sender Domain
If you have your own domain, you should configure the domain as the “sender domain” for Mautic. This is the domain after the @ of your email addresses. Configuring a sender domain will add an extra signature specific to your own domain and will add additional protection against being flagged as spam. Unfortunately, email addresses for popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc do not have access to this feature.

To setup a sender domain, login to your dashboard account. Find the instance that you want to update and click the “Edit” button. If you are adding a sender domain to a free account, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the “Upgrade” button then click “Edit Domain.” Follow the steps outlined in the window that opens which will guide you through adding the required DNS records. SPF and DKIM values are below but also outlined in the instructions given within the dashboard. Once the DNS records have been verified, Mautic will begin digitally signing outgoing email on the domain’s behalf.

SPF records are way to tell the Internet what sources have permission to send email from your domain. You may already have an SPF record, if you do, simply add before the last operator, typically ?all, ~all, or -all.

If you do not already have an SPF record, create a new TXT entry with a value of (replacing YOURDOMAIN.COM with your own)

v=spf1 a:YOURDOMAIN.COM ~all

DKIM/DomainKeys are a way to embed a signature into the email, making it difficult to forge. All email sent through Mautic is signed with our DKIM signature. To leverage that, create a new TXT entry with mautic._domainkey.YOURDOMAIN.COM as the name (of course replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your own). For the value, some DNS providers will escape semi-colons for you while others do not. Use which of the following is appropriate for your provider:





You can use an online DNS tool to verify your DNS records such as a this SPF validator or this DKIM validator. Remember that it may take time for the records to show up depending on your DNS provider’s settings.

Google, AOL and Yahoo currently enforce a DMARC policy. This means that you cannot use a, or address as the “from” email without using their SMTP servers to send mail. If you want to use an Gmail, AOL or Yahoo account as the from email in Mautic, you have two options;

1. Use another non-AOL/Gmail/Yahoo email address as the from and set the reply-to as the AOL/Gmail/Yahoo address.
2. If using Gmail, upgrade to pro and configure Mautic to send through Gmail’s SMTP servers. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not support a non-standard port which is required for SMTP servers to be supported by Mautic Cloud.

There are a number of ways to contact Mautic for assistance with your Mautic Cloud account. From, click “Report an issue” to the Quick Links to the right of your instance.

Report Issue

Then fill out the form and your request will be sent to our support team and answered in the quickest possible time frame.

Support Ticket

From your dashboard view, simply click the Help button next to your profile picture in the upper right hand side of the screen, then click Contact Us to provide feedback.

We understand that any growing business goes through transitions. We hope that you’ve decided to continue to grow your business by downloading Mautic and self-hosting. There are literally no limits to what you can do. Don’t forget, there is an incredible community to support you and your business as it grows with marketing automation.

To delete your Mautic Cloud account, simply login to your dashboard at and click on the arrow next to the Login button.


Using Mautic Open Source (

So you’re tired of not having access to your data. We get it. Installing Mautic is quick and easy. We’ve provided you documentation to help get you started. Visit our online documentation for a step-by-step guide to installing and launching Mautic on your own server.
Thank you! We are constantly on the lookout for community members who are as passionate about Mautic as we are! There are a number of different ways for you to get involved. Please visit our Community page to learn more about how you can play a role in changing the world!
One of the most powerful aspects of Mautic is it’s ability to connect and communicate with other systems. Whether it is a mail service, CRM, or other backend system, we take great pride in our growing list of integrations. If you are looking for support regarding an existing integration, some integrations have additional information when clicking on the logo. If there isn’t content specific to your integration, you can find additional information via our support channels listed on this page.

But that’s not all! We are looking for more developers that can join the community and lead the way. Is there an integration you’d like to see that hasn’t been developed? Reach out to us on Slack, let’s talk!

So you know your way around a server, eh? Welcome to the community! As you install and configure your instance of Mautic, we realize that you may have some questions. The open source community that uses Mautic is an extremely supportive one. We would encourage you to first check out our Community Forums for existing issues or questions others have asked, or jump into our #support Slack channel for more specific questions regarding Mautic.

But we hope that your participation in the community doesn’t stop at receiving answers. We trust that you will feel so encouraged and supported, that you’ll want to help others with your growing knowledge of Mautic and marketing automation!