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Mautic is an open marketing software platform that provides you with the greatest level of integration and deep audience intelligence, enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections.

Congratulations on selecting Mautic for your marketing automation needs.
This step-by-step checklist will take you through the recommended steps in getting Mautic Cloud set up.

Release Notes

Marketing Messages is a new item available under the channels menu that enables you to optimize the delivery of your message to your contacts by sending it through their preferred channel.


Users can now view metrics on the performance of individual components and channels in the context of a campaign.

Integrate SAML for single sign-on. When turned on, this integration relieves end-users from having to remember yet another username and password while offering enhanced security and streamlined user management for IT.


Original Mautic Cloud Pro Accounts – We recognize that many of you may have questions related to your account. We’ve comprised the most common questions you may have…

Getting your message out to the world is one of the reasons you chose to use Mautic. Setting up a custom domain for landing pages and configuring Mautic to properly send your emails are two very important steps to make sure your message is seen.


Mautic comes with some great email and landing page templates right out of the box. Of course, they are fairly generic and if you want your content to really stand out, you may want to build your own.

As Mautic matures, so does the editor you use to create landing pages and emails.


Mautic 2.4 introduced bi-directional integration with HubSpot.

Mautic’s contact manager is really powerful, but it was getting a little cluttered! We’ve made some changes and it looks a lot cleaner.  


Global categories allow you to assign any asset, form, email, segment, landing page, campaign and contact to the same category, enabling you to more easily track all of these facets.  

Until Mautic 2.3, when a contact clicked unsubscribe, there was only one choice – unsubscribe from everything from you. The new Preferences option adds a host of options you can choose from to give the contact more options.


Mautic now integrates with GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, GotoTraining or any of the other Citrix products!

We’ve created an all new view for those who want to go under the hood and adjust HTML when developing emails and landing pages.

Release Notes

All hosted versions of Mautic were updated to version 2.3 on xxx. We’re very pleased to highlight the following features and upgrades.

Marketing needs to innovate at the speed of your customers. That is the expectation of every prospect and company. The relationship that each contact has with their company and the goals they share is not insignificant.


Gated video can significantly increase your marketing conversion rates.

We have discontinued the Mautic “Pro” package for a number of reasons.