Maestro, the world’s first centralized marketing management solution, empowers marketers to manage multiple marketing automation instances from one place. This document serves as a guide for defining, creating, and accessing accounts and instances within Maestro.


As of September 2019, all Mautic customers began using the Maestro interface to configure custom domains and sender domains. This applies to customers who actually use Maestro, and those who only use Mautic.


Assets are pieces of content that you, as a Mautic user, want to make available for your contacts to access. Beyond that, you want to track and report on who is viewing or downloading your assets.

Lead scoring is a way for marketers to measure which of their contacts are the most engaged based on their interactions and behavior.


Landing Pages are a powerful feature that enable you to do more than just publish content quickly and easily. Using landing pages can give you insight to what kind of content your contacts are interested.

The vast majority of marketers today rely on email as their primary channel for communication with prospects and customers. While Mautic supports incorporating other channels into campaigns, email has the most complexity.


Follow the basic onboarding checklist to ensure optimization of your deliverability and content.


Mautic has several sections in the Settings menu, which is kept separate from the items you’ll use on a daily basis.