Mautic is now part of Acquia, the company behind the Drupal CMS. However, our open philosophy means we’ll still play nicely with any other tools in your MarTech stack.

Lead scoring is a way for marketers to measure which of their contacts are the most engaged based on their interactions and behavior.


Landing Pages are a powerful feature that enable you to do more than just publish content quickly and easily. Using landing pages can give you insight to what kind of content your contacts are interested.

The vast majority of marketers today rely on email as their primary channel for communication with prospects and customers. While Mautic supports incorporating other channels into campaigns, email has the most complexity.


Mautic offers several plugins and integrations to help you connect with other pieces of your marketing stack. Each of those plugins has a different setup process.


Mautic has several sections in the Settings menu, which is kept separate from the items you’ll use on a daily basis.


If your organization has multiple people with different responsibilities for marketing, you’ll want to set up Users and Roles in Mautic.

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The REST API serves as a powerful gateway to the Mautic system. It supports an ample amount of calls allowing users to programmatically create, read, delete, and modify different components within Mautic.