Proper configuration is important for branding, performance, and the user experience for your team as they do their jobs. Once you’ve configured these settings, you probably won’t have to touch them again.

Mautic Marketing Automation

The core of marketing automation is getting the right message to the right people at the right time. This article is a deep dive into contacts in Mautic, including how to add contacts to your instance and what you can do and see on each contact record.


You can manage custom fields through the admin menu (click the cogwheel upper right hand side of Mautic).
The fields page will let you view all existing contact fields as well as any custom contact fields you’ve created.

Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic enables users to be GDPR compliant. This article describes the necessary steps and set-up required to follow GDPR guidelines.


Mautic allows its Users to set up Frequency Rules, which dictate how often Contacts can be emailed each day, week or month.

This document describes what a Segment is within Mautic and how to set one up.


This article addresses the problem of a form hanging or pausing on “Please Wait” after clicking on the submit button