Kiosk Mode is a way to control contact creation as well as existing contact updates on Mautic Forms.

Thanks for signing up with Mautic! We’re going to send you a few important emails to help you get started.


Marketing Messages is a new item available under the channels menu that enables you to optimize the delivery of your message to your contacts by sending it through their preferred channel.

Users can now view metrics on the performance of individual components and channels in the context of a campaign.


We recognize that many of you may have questions related to your account. We’ve comprised answers to the most common questions


We have discontinued the Mautic “Pro” package for a number of reasons.

  • By adding the new Mautic Cloud Pro package, we’ll no longer be offering the $12/month package that we launched during the early days of Mautic’s journey.

Importing contacts into Mautic is quite simple!


Mautic Cloud Pro pricing is set on an individualized basis to better fit the needs of your company.

Mautic Cloud only provides direct support for Pro users. Here are the support options for Mautic Cloud Free.


Simply send an email to support@mautic.com.

Subject: mysql database dump.

In the body of the email add your Mautic account name and we will send your database in 7-10 days.

You can not export a segment directly, however you can create a segment and use that along with reports to export the list.

First create the segment with the contacts you’re trying to export. Then start a new report, choose ‘contacts’ as your data source.


Contacting support is simple. Login to your Mautic account and click the Help button next to your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. Then click Contact Us to provide the appropriate feedback. Please provide as much information and detail as possible to help us solve the issue.


Mautic Cloud Pro pricing is set on an individualized basis to better fit the needs of your company. If you would like to upgrade to Mautic Cloud Pro, please fill out this form and our sales team will be in contact with you shortly.

Google, AOL and Yahoo currently enforce a DMARC policy. This means that you cannot use a @aol.com, @gmail.com or @yahoo.com address as the “from” email without using their SMTP servers to send mail.


Is your email sent from Mautic going to spam? Or are you getting a via mautic.net beside your email’s from address? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Most email service providers try to protect your email identity by checking to see if the email came from an approved source.

The short answer is no and it’s against our Acceptable Use Policy to do so.
The long answer is a bit more complicated but bottom line is sending email in bulk to individuals who have not consented to receive email communication from your company is considered spam.