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Release Notes

Marketing Messages is a new item available under the channels menu that enables you to optimize the delivery of your message to your contacts by sending it through their preferred channel.

All hosted versions of Mautic were updated to version 2.3 on November 29, 2016. We’re very pleased to highlight the following features and upgrades.

Release Notes

Marketing needs to innovate at the speed of your customers. That is the expectation of every prospect and company. The relationship that each contact has with their company and the goals they share is not insignificant.

We all value growth. It is a necessary ingredient in life and business. Whether we like it or not, growth often comes with its own set of unique challenges. The real opportunity with growth is to harness it’s full power and capability to propel your business forward. Like an engine. A Deloitte report defined a

Release Notes

One of the most powerful ways to engage people is through a story. A couple of weeks ago members of the Mautic team spent time discovering the story we’re all writing. What we determined is that it’s a story of open. Providing immense capability in the form of an open connection to community.