August 2018 Updates

The August update (version 2018.8) of Mautic includes several new features and enhancements, as well as the resolution of over 25 bugs. Please see the descriptions below:



1. Added Link Tracking to SMS Messages

  • Links in SMS Messages can now be tracked in a Campaign


Mautic can now track when a Contact clicks on a link sent in an SMS message.  This is trackable in a Campaign and is reportable as well and is very simple to execute!  Simply create a Campaign to send a Text Message with a link contained in the message.  After setting up the Send Text Message Action with the Text you’d like to send, add a Visits a Page decision off that Action to check if they landed on the page:


Once you’ve added the Landing Page or URL you included in the Text Message to the Decision and click Update, you can now add a Follow Up Action – whether to send a Confirmation/Thank You Text Message, or wait some period of time before sending a Follow Up Test:


To get full use of Tracking in Mautic, you’ll want to make sure you’ve embedded the Tracking JavaScript in your website.  Click here to learn how to easily embed our Tracking JavaScript on your website!

2. Jump To Event Action

  • Jump to Event feature allows an Action to be repeated until a Contact has made a Decision
  • This eliminates the need to continuously add Decisions to check if a Contact has checked an Email, Visited a Page, Submitted a Form, etc…


A simple Use Case for this Feature is to set up a Campaign to send an Email using the Send email Action, then adding an Opens email Decision to check if they read the Email.  You can optionally add an Action to add Points to a Contact who opens the Email (not required, but it is shown in the example above).


After creating the first part of the Campaign, you’ll want to add a Jump to Event Action off the negative side of the Opens email Decision:

If selecting to execute the Jump to Event Action within a relative time period, as is shown above, this Action will repeat until the Email is opened.  If you select by a specific date/time, then the Action will only execute at that date/time.


After clicking + Add, you’ll see the new Action added to your Campaign with the circular arrows graphic underneath showing that this is a repeatable Action: