Segment Email

This document describes what a Segment Email is within Mautic and how it’s used. Segment emails are the perfect solution for communicating with a subset of your overall contact list at a specific date and time for topics such as newsletter announcements, event updates and more. Segment emails can not be used in a campaign, but they are incredibly valuable for “one-off” messaging.

Building a Segment Email

  1. Go to Channels -> Emails -> New and select Segment email.
  2. Select a theme and click on Builder.  Note:  with a segment email, once it has been sent, you can NOT edit the email content.  New members of the segment will get the email when they are added.  (If the email is time sensitive, you may not want this to happen.  See step 8 to set an un-publish date automatically).New Template Email
  3. Add your subject.
    Tip:  You can customize your subject using tokens.
    Let’s say you wanted your subject line to be:  Hi Rod!  We’ve got some great news for you! You would enter:
    Hi {contactfield=firstname|there}!  We’ve got some great news for you!  The token looks for the value in the first name field and places it in the subject line.  If the contact has no first name, the word “there” is inserted instead.  Separate the field name and the default text with a | (pipe).
  4. Add an internal name.
    This is what you’ll look for in your email list.  We suggest you name your emails carefully so you can find them later.  Clients will never see the name of your email.  Some people use a combination of the date and subject or segment.  It’s really up to you.
  5. Select the segment you’re sending this email to.
  6. Select a category.  If you’re using the Preference Center for unsubscribes, this is an important step.
  7. Enter a publish at date and time.  While this is NOT necessary, if you don’t want the email to be published until a certain date and time, this is helpful.
  8. Enter an un-publish date and time.  We recommend setting the un-publish date when you create the email if it is time sensitive – you can not set this date/time to auto-unpublish after you save and close.  Of course, you can manually un-publish the email after it has sent, but automating the process is always helpful.
  9. Click Save and Close.
  10. Schedule your email to go out.  Click the Send button and enter a date and time.Schedule emailRemember:  people who are added to the segment will NOT receive the email after it’s been sent.  If you want to send it to new additions, just schedule the email again.  It will NOT be sent to those who have already received it.