CSS Rendering for Forms FAQ

Mautic forms can be dynamic and flexible when it relates to the variety of available fields, formatting and display options you have. Additionally, you can select whether forms will render with Mautic’s styling or with your own website’s style.

When building a new form, set the Render Style slider to either “Yes” or “No”. Setting this slider to “Yes”  will default to the Mautic CSS and formatting. While setting the slider to “No” means the form will inherit the styling from the website. If you have multiple forms on a single page that should inherit styling from your website, the Render Style settings on every single form on the page must be set to “No”, otherwise, they will all keep the default Mautic CSS styling and formatting. Even one form with Render Style set to “Yes” will cause all forms to default.

See examples below.

Turning on/off the rendering:

alt="mautic form styling"

CSS Rendering Style set to No:


CSS Rendering is set to Yes: