How to Use Custom Date Conditions in a Campaign

As of the September 2017 update (Mautic 2.10), you can now create a condition in a campaign that allows you to set an action for any date relative to the value in a date field on contact record.




If you’re using Mautic for an event-based or subscription-based marketing campaign, this update will be much appreciated.

You can now set a condition in a campaign to trigger an action at ANY time before or after a certain date in a contact record.  Let’s say you’re using Mautic to send out notifications a certain number of days/weeks before someone’s subscription expires.  It’s now really easy to do that!

In a campaign, add a condition, and select Contact field value.

Next, choose a field that is a DATE field for a contact. Choose DATE for the operator (required). Choose Custom for the Value.  Click Save then edit the condition.  You’ll see the 2nd row of options now.  Choose a positive number for a time frame after the value or a negative number for a time before the value.  Choose the timeframe (minutes, hours, days, weeks etc.)  Click save.

Now add an action after the condition and it will be performed on the day matching your condition!

custom date condition