Dynamic Content in Emails

In this Mautic update, we cover the feature that allows you to dynamically insert content in one email with multiple variations based on any contact field.

  • Head into any email you have built already, or create a new one.
  • Click on Builder.
  • Click and drag a Dynamic Content slot into the email canvas.
  • Click on the slot you just added and enter the “default” content.  Note: You can create content with links, images, lists etc. just like any other text box.dynamic content
  • Click on Add a Variant.
  • Enter the content for this variant.
  • Click on “Choose One” to add a Filter.  Select the field, then select/enter the value for this variant.
  • Continue adding Variants (you can have as many as you need).

When Mautic sends the email, the system will check the content area, test for the field value and insert the correct content.

You can use multiple Dynamic Content slots in an email.