How to Fix Forms Not Re-directing and Hanging on “Please Wait”

When a contact submits a form on either a Mautic landing page or your own website, the information is sent to Mautic and depending on your settings, the form displays a message or re-directs to another page.  This troubleshooting article addresses the issue where the form does not re-direct and the “Please Wait” message displays continuously.

Why It Happens

This issue most often occurs when you set up and embed your forms and THEN update your custom domain for Mautic.  This produces a URL mis-match between the form submit URL (your old Mautic URL such as to the new one ( – or whatever you used for the custom domain).

Note:  Once you set up a custom domain – such as for your Mautic URL – you should stop logging in to the old one –  This will help avoid any mis-matches that might occur.

How to Fix It

Fixing this is very simple.

  1. Check your Mautic Landing Page embed code to ensure the updated URL is showing.
    If it is not the correct code, go to the Settings gear -> Configuration -> Landing Page Settings, copy the updated code from there and paste it into your landing pages.
    If you’re using a CMS plugin such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, go to the configuration page on the plugin/module on your website and update the Mautic domain there.
  2. Check the embed code for your form.  When you first created the form and embedded it on your own website (this does not apply to Mautic landing pages or embeds using a CMS plugin), you may have copied and pasted code from the form page (either the automatic embed or manual – this applies to both).
    You’ll need to update the embed with the updated URL.  Just copy and replace the old embed code with corrected one.
  3. Once that is confirmed, you need to rebuild the cache for all your forms in Mautic. Go to Component -> Forms and select ALL your forms.  Click on the green arrow at the top and select Rebuild Cache.  This will update the submit button URL across all your forms.
  4. Test!

That’s it!  Your forms should now redirect correctly when a contact clicks the submit button.