Getting Started with Email Delivery

Email Delivery…Why is it Important?

The theory ‘work smarter, not harder’ applies directly to email delivery. As a Marketer you spend much of your time planning, strategizing, creating, testing, editing, re-working, and re-testing. That is a lot of work! 


However, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend or how great your marketing strategy is if your contacts never see the content. If you are smart in your approach to email delivery, your hard work as a marketer will pay off.

Is Mautic Responsible for Where my Emails Get Placed?

While Mautic uses best of breed IP’s to send your mail, we ultimately have no control over where recipients mail servers place your email. There is actually no technology that does.

Mautic can provide you the tools and the knowledge to get great delivery, however; the practices and follow through is up to you.

First Thing is First

Prior to getting started you must make sure your sender domain is authenticated. Please refer to this article on getting that set up:

Also, while you are at it, if you plan on setting up a custom domain you should do so now. You’ll do this in the instance editor in Maestro.


Getting Started

Reputation is everything when it comes to email delivery and it directly determines if your email will be placed in the inbox or the spam folder. There are two equally important reputations ISP’s look at when deciding where to place the email: the reputation of the sending IP and the reputation of the sending domain.

If you are using Mautic’s IP’s to send through we will ensure all emails are sent through highly reputable, best of breed IP addresses. 


However, we will need to warm up your company’s domain to establish a reputation with the Mautic IP’s.


Domain warm up:

Domain warm up process is intended to establish the reputation of the domain with a new IP address. The warm up process involves sending email from the new IP starting with small volumes and gradually increasing the volume on a set schedule.

It is critically important to only send to highly active, engaged users who have opted-in and want to be receiving communication for the duration of the warm-up (and moving forward!). 


The more consistent the volume, frequency, and email stats (open, click, spam complaints, etc…), the faster the domain will establish a positive sending reputation. If the sends are infrequent, anything less than weekly, it will take more time to build a positive sender reputation.


Warm up following this schedule:

Use this as a guide of how many emails to send on a daily basis during the warm up process. Only send up to the maximum number emails you plan on sending to your contacts on a given day.

Day Daily Volume
Day 1 50
Day 2 80
Day 3 130
Day 4 220
Day 5 360
Day 6 600
Day 7 950
Day 8 1,500
Day 9 2,600
Day 10 4,200
Day 11 7,000
Day 12 11,400
Day 13 19,000
Day 14 30,000
Day 15 50,000
Day 16 100,000
Day 17 250,000
Day 18 500,000
Day 19 1,000,000

Pay very close attention to consistent open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and spam complaints.

Engagement Rates to strive for:

Open: >20%

Click: >2%
Unsubscribe: <.2%
Bounce: <2%
Spam: <.02%

*Please note that Spam complaints are not available in the Mautic UI. Please work with your Customer Success Manager to keep track of these. 

If you notice any significant changes in these please address accordingly with your Customer Success Manager or email


Follow the email best practices guide:

Reputation Recovery:

It is possible for a reputation to significantly and swiftly be ruined. If you notice that you have a sudden decrease in engagement rates, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email