What Happened To Mautic Pro?

Rod Martin

We have discontinued the Mautic “Pro” package for a number of reasons.

  • By adding the new Mautic Cloud Pro package, we’ll no longer be offering the $12/month package that we launched during the early days of Mautic’s journey.
    • For Mautic Cloud paid users who signed an annual contract, we will honor that contract for the full duration with no changes to your current price or support levels — and with many great product improvements on the way in the coming months and quarters.
    • For Mautic Cloud paid users who are on month-to-month contracts, we don’t want you to worry either. We will continue to support the early adopter price and support levels through 2016, ending on Wednesday, Feb 1st, 2017.
  • That said, we want to speak with you soon! The new Mautic Cloud Pro offers outstanding benefits in terms of customer training and support, as well as big advantages in terms of the Mautic Cloud product and performance. Not only that, it breaks free of all the restrictions that the old paid plan had offered. And we want you to have those benefits!
  • In the current paid version, there are limits to what you can truly do with Mautic. No more. With Mautic Cloud Pro, you’ll get access to the same powerful open source solution that has turned heads and disrupted an entire industry.
  • We’ve authorized our team to offer deeply discounted Mautic Cloud Pro packages and pricing for our early clients. The sooner we speak with you, the better deal we can offer, so please contact us for more details about your special “grandfathered” discounts.

Welcome to the new Mautic Cloud.