How Do I Export A Segment/All Contacts?

Export a Segment

You can not export a Segment directly, however you can create a segment and use that along with reports to export the list.

First create the Segment with the Contacts you’re trying to export. Then start a new Report, choose ‘Contacts’ as your Data Source. Then in the data tab, follow these steps:

Export All Contacts

The above steps can also be followed to export all the Contacts in your Account, with a few differences.

Create a new Report and use Contacts as the Data Source

Then you’ll navigate over to the Data tab and select all the Columns that are available, which will include Standard Fields, Custom Fields and Properties Fields (such as “Date Identified”, etc…).  Once you’ve added all those Fields, you’ll want to select the Email filter, and use the Condition “not empty”:

Adding the Email “not empty” Filter will make sure there are no “Anonymous Contacts” in your Report.  After you’ve done this, you can hit Save & Close, and you’ll be taken directly to the Report.  You’ll then click the drop down in the upper right corner of the report, and choose how you’d like to export the list:



Selecting Export to CSV will automatically trigger the download of the file.  After the download is complete, you’re all set!