How Do I Import Contacts?

Importing contacts into Mautic is quite simple!

Watch a Video:


The correct file format for contact importing is a CSV file in UTF-8 format.


  1. Create any custom fields that you want to import into Mautic from the list.
  2. Add any Users to the system if you want to assign contact ownership.
  3. Create the segment you want to assign them to (optional).
  4. Create a CSV file in UTF-8 format (We recommend using Numbers on a Mac if you have one). This file should contain all the contact records, one per line with columns identified in the first row. (The order of the columns does not matter.  The formatting (color etc.) of the cells does not matter.)
    1. To produce a UTF-8 formatted CSV file on a Mac using Numbers:
      Click on File->Export->CSV.
      Click on the Advanced Options dropdown and select Unicode (UTF-8)
    2. On a PC using Excel:
      Select Save As and choose 2003-2010 Workbook.
      Name your file, and update your file path as needed.
      Click Tools, then select Web options.
      Go to the Encoding tab.
      In the dropdown for Save this document as: choose Unicode (UTF-8).
      Click Ok.
      Click Save.
    3. NOTE:  Your CSV file can not contain characters with accents.  You should make sure the data is cleaned before attempting an import (i.e.: properly formatted email addresses etc.)
  5. In Mautic, go to Contacts -> Import.
  6. Select the CSV file you just created and click Upload.
  7. Map the fields in the CSV file to the Mautic fields.
  8. You can assign everyone imported this way to a Contact Owner, segment (these should be created first) and one or more tags as well.
  9. Once the fields are mapped, click Import in Browser or Import in Background. If the list is over 1,000 people, Mautic will automatically perform in the import in the background.
  10. You can review the import by clicking on Import History.