January 2019 Release Notes

The January release (version 2019.01) of Mautic includes several new features and enhancements, as well as the resolution of over 15 bugs. Please see the descriptions below:


  • VTiger Integration
    • We introduced a new, Mautic-supported integration with VTiger.  We have the full documentation for configuring the CRM here.
  • Magento Integration
    • We also built a Mautic-supported integration with the eCommerce platform Magento.  The complete documentation for this is coming soon! (insert link here)
  • SMS Replies in Campaigns
    • Mautic added the ability to track whether or not a Contact replied to an SMS Message you sent them within a Campaign.
    • First, you’ll want to make sure you have either the Twilio or Slooce plugins configured.
    • Next, you’ll want to set up the initial stages of the Campaign – Contact Source, the Text Message you’d like to send and track.  A simple example looks something like this:
    • To set up the Decision of whether or not the Contact replied to your Text, you’ll need to add the Decision after the Send text message Action in the Campaign:
    • Select the Sends a text message Decision from the dropdown after you click Select, and enter a Name for the Decision (something that will be easy to track in Reporting) and a Pattern the reply should match:
    • The Pattern the reply should match field should contain the response you would like your Contacts to return.  The example above is *YES*, which contains wildcards.  These wildcards will help match any variation of that word, meaning, if they type Yes, yesYeS or any other variation, it will return as a response to Mautic.  Or, if you’d rather match a single character – or N – then use a ? instead of the asterisks.  To match the asterisks or question marks themselves, you’ll need to surround them in brackets, like this: [?]
    • Alternatively, you could leave the field blank to match any message.
    • You may notice the arrow pointing to the Question Mark above the field – these Question Marks are located through Mautic, and contain helpful tips, context and information, to assist you as you use the platform.


  • New Segment Filters:
    • Mautic introduced new Segment Filters to make it easier for our Users to target active and responsive Contacts, or find unresponsive Contacts and attempt to reengage them.
    • Under the Contact Behavior and Actions label, you’ll find new Filters for Clicked Emails:
    • The Filters Clicked any link from any change, any email,  and any text message are all Yes/No/Boolean Filters:
    • The Filters that end with date in parentheses allow you to set a specific date and time to set, so you can check for Contacts who have clicked any links in the last 14 days to see who is interacting with your content:
    • Other Filters include:
      • Visited a specific URL
      • Visited any URL within a specific timeframe (date)
      • Number of times they visited the URL
      • Visited a URL and from X referrer (meaning: where they came from)
      • Was sent a specific Email
      • If they read a specific Email
      • If they read any Email X number of times
      • Read an email within a specific timeframe (date)
    • These options, along with many other System Filters and those based on Custom Fields you may have created, allow you to truly understand your Contacts in Mautic, and market intelligently to them, with material you know they will fine value in.