July 2017 Update

The July 2017 (v. 2.9) update for Mautic brings with it a host of improvements, bug fixes and new integrations! (Tutorial videos at the bottom of the page).

1. Integrations

Zapier logoZapier: A new integration with Zapier has been created which is available through the Zapier interface. This integration allows a user to create workflows in Zapier based on data from Mautic. Workflows can be triggered based on form submission data, email open data, page hit data, point change data and contact creation or updated data. (Note:  this integration is set up at Zapier, not within Mautic itself).

CRM Updates:


The following CRM plugins are now available:  Connectwise, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, SugarCRM (v. 6.x and 7.x), Zoho.  These feature a bi-directional sync to and from the CRM and Mautic. Leads can be created in the CRM from form or campaign actions in Mautic. Data from the CRM can be brought back to the contact and company records in Mautic. There is also a full sync option available where any changes made, or new contacts created in Mautic can be pushed to the CRM on a periodic basis.

Salesforce logoSalesforce optimizations: The Salesforce plugin has been refactored for performance improvements and scalability. We have also fixed the issue where boolean fields did not sync correctly in some cases.

2. Reporting

Reporting filters: You can now specify And/Or conditions at the same level between multiple filters on a report.
Additional operators have also been added – these include:

  • contains (e.g you can have a filter of last name contains “lbe” to pull in all contacts that match %lbe%).
  • starts with (e.g. you can have a filter of last name starts with “Gil” to pull in all contacts that match Gil%).
  • ends with (e.g. you can have a filter of last name ends with “bert” to pull in all contacts that match %bert).

Device filters: You can now create segments based on what device type (computer, tablet, phone), brand (Apple, Microsoft etc.), OS (iOS, Android etc.) and model from which a contact has accessed a marketing communication.

3.  Focus Items

You can now format the content for focus items. A new section called ‘content’ has been added to the builder for focus items that enables the user to format content in basic, editor or html mode.  You can even embed video in a focus item now!

4. Infrastructure And Performance

Among a number of internal performance enhancements is the significant improvement in the speed of uploading lists of contacts.

Uploading lists now takes ⅙ of the time!  For example, if a file took 60 seconds to upload it will now take 10 seconds. From a UI perspective, for files with more than 1,000 records, the import process will now run in the background and notify the user when complete. It will automatically switch to this background process you are free to leave the page and work in other parts of the tool if you like.

In addition to new features and enhancements, we have improved functionality across a number of areas. Some examples of these include improvements in email metrics and calculated fields in reports, progressive profiling in forms and using segments and tags as conditions in campaigns.

We’re excited about this update!

Links to Tutorial Videos