June 2018 Update

The June update (version 2018.6) of Mautic includes several new enhancements as well as the resolution of over 10 bugs. Please see the descriptions below:


1. Contacts Can Go Through Campaigns More Than Once

  • Contacts may now move through Campaigns multiple times.
  • A new option has been added to the Change campaigns Action.  You can now “re-add” the Contact to the current Campaign, based on criteria you have created in the Campaign (if they haven’t filled out a Form you’re guiding them to, or they fail to end up on a Landing Page, you may want them to restart the Campaign).
  • Once you select Change Campaigns, look in the Add contact to option and select This campaign (restart the campaign).  Any Contact who meets the criteria before this Action will restart the Campaign.


A new option is available above the “Publish” Setting when editing or creating a Campaign which allows you to enable contacts to restart the campaign:




  • The number of times a Contact has gone through a Campaign is referred to as “Rotations” in Mautic.
  • That data is available in Reporting (Data Source must be Campaign Events):


2. Links in Company Fields Now Trackable in Emails – Links in Contact and Company Fields Now Available to Dynamic Content in Emails As Well

  • Links or URLs that are added as values of custom Company Fields will now be trackable links in Mautic’s Emails
  • Users can simply link to that custom field’s URL by including token in an email:


  • Contact and Company Fields are now trackable and available to use in Dynamic Content in Emails
  • For example: if you have a special offer available to some Customers which is indicated by a certain field (maybe their location or a Boolean), you can use that as a Filter and make a Custom offer link available to them in Dynamic Content: