Preference Center

This document describes how to use the Preference Center within Mautic.

Mautic offers two options for contacts to unsubscribe from marketing communications. There is an option to set up one-click unsubscribe as well as the option to configure a Preference Center. The default unsubscribe link in Mautic, which is the one-click unsubscribe, will cause the contacts to be set to “Do Not Contact” immediately after clicking.

If you’re not interested in allowing contacts to one-click unsubscribe from your messaging then you can allow contacts to manage their subscription through the Preference Center. Custom preference center pages currently require both the Channel Frequency and Save Preferences slots in order for it to be used. You have the option to allow contacts to opt in or out of channels, segments and categories as well as the option to change the frequency at which they receive marketing messaging from your company.


The Preference Center is found under Settings->Configuration->Email Settings.

preference center settings 1

  1. You will likely want to change the text in the “Text for the {unsubscribe_text} token”.  Be careful to not remove the |URL| or the </a>.  This is the text that shows up (normally) at the bottom of an email.  You might want to change the text to read:  Update your email preferences</a> after the |URL|>.
  2. Change the following to Yes: (for an explanation of each – see #4)
    1. Show contact preference settings
    2. Show contact frequency preferences
    3. Show contact segment preferences
    4. Show pause contact preferences
    5. If you are using any other channel (SMS etc.), you might want to change Show contact’s preferred channel option as well.
      Preference Center -2
  3. These settings will produce a page that looks like this:message-preference-page
  4. Explanation of Settings
  • “Contact me through email”:  this is the global unsubscribe – by unchecking this, they will be set to “Do Not Contact”.
  • Do not contact more than: This is a contact controlled frequency setting
  • Pause from-to: This allows someone to pause communication from your for a period of time
  • My preferred channel:  If you offer more than just email (such as SMS notifications), they can choose which they prefer when you set up a marketing message campaign instead of just an email campaign.
  • My segments:  These are the public segments to which they belong.
    • This is an important concept.  In order for the contact to un-subscribe from certain lists instead of every communication from your company, you must set all of your segments to private except the ones you which to expose to the contact so they can decide.
    • These public segments should be named appropriately so it’s obvious what they are for.  For example:  Newsletter, Blog or Webinars.  If a contact sees something like “US based contacts added after July 2017”, they really won’t know what to think.

Customizing the preference center page

As of the October 2017 update (Mautic 2.11), you are able to customize this page with your own branding and terminology.

  1. Click on Components->Landing Pages->New
  2. Enter a title and change “Is preference center” to Yes
  3. Select a theme (we’re using Oxygen for this example) and click Builder.
  4. Click on the section with the images, and click on the X on the left side to remove this section.
  5. Remove all the text boxes from the top section except the top one.  Remove the image and button also.  You can add a header/logo image if you’d like.
  6. From the Slot Types on the right, drag Preferred Channel, Channel Frequency (note: this is required), Segment List and Save Preferences onto the canvas.
  7. Click on the slot named “My segments”.  You can alter the title of that area in the editor on the right.
  8. Click Close -> Save and Close.

Clicking on any of the subscription slot types will enable you to chage the text.  Note: be careful to not change the text between the % symbols.

With this update, you can create unsubscribe pages that reflect your brand and allow your contacts to update their own preferences without unsubscribing from everything by default.