What is the Marketing Messages Feature in Mautic?

Marketing Messages is a new item available under the channels menu that enables you to optimize the delivery of your message to your contacts by sending it through their preferred channel.

A user can specify what a message would look like across channels such as email, web notification, text message and social (twitter). When using the send marketing message action as part of a campaign, the campaign will determine which channel to send the message via, using the contact’s specified preferences. This ensures contacts are receiving messages via their preferred channel.

If the contact has not specified a preferred channel, email will be the default channel. If the frequency limit on the preferred channel is reached or the preferred channel is paused, the message will be sent via the next channel the contact has opted into based on the channel with the highest frequency allowed.

For more information and a video tutorial, head over to https://mautic.com/help/mautic-26-updates/.