What are Marketing Messages?

The Marketing Messages feature in the Channels section is one way Mautic can optimize and personalize your communication with contacts. With marketing messages, contacts will receive your content on a channel they’ve set as their preference.

Channels - Marketing Messages

Mautic users can create content to be sent through multiple channels: email, SMS, Tweet, Web Notification, and Mobile Push Notification. Using a “Send Marketing Message” action in a campaign, if a contact’s channel preference is set on the contact record, Mautic will send the appropriate content on that preferred channel.

If the contact has not specified a preferred channel, email will be the default channel. If a contact has reached frequency rules or paused communication, Mautic will use another channel. Mautic will send the message via another opted-in channel with the highest frequency allowed.

Marketing Messages Channel Selector

To set up a Marketing Message, click Marketing Messages under the Channels section and +New.

After giving the marketing message a name and description, select the channels you’d like to include. All it takes to include a channel is sliding the Enabled switch to yes. Then, select the item from that channel for the content you’ve created. If you haven’t created the content yet, select Create New from the dropdown. Or, save the marketing message, create the content, and return to the marketing message later to add the channel.