May 2018 Update

The May update (version 2018.5) of Mautic includes several new enhancements and integrations along with the resolution of over 15 bugs. Check out the descriptions below:

New Enhancements and Integrations

1. UTM Codes in Reporting

  • Reporting will now provide more visibility into the source, medium, and campaign name of your marketing efforts
  • The new UTM codes data source in reporting will allow users to build reports that show all UTM codes associated with particular contact records

2. Improved Click Tracking in Emails

  • Links or URLs that are added as values of custom fields will now be trackable links in Mautic’s emails
  • Users can easily link to that custom field’s URL by including just the custom field’s token in an email

3. Momentum Email Service Integration

  • Users now have the ability to send email through a private Momentum account
  • Users will need to set up their SMTP host, SMTP port and API Key to integrate with Momentum

4. Custom Headers for Momentum integration

  • If leveraging the Momentum integration, it’ll be required to use custom headers which will allow users to track emails, view metadata and enable IP routing.

5. Campaign and Segment Performance

  • Updates to campaigns and segments will now be quicker due to backend updates.