Oktopost Integration

Connect Oktopost to Mautic

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of how your social outreach is converting into website traffic and even leads, the Oktopost integration for Mautic may be a great solution for you. Oktopost is a robust social media management platform that can help you easily manage, measure and amplify all of your social media marketing. Connected to Mautic, it becomes even more powerful by giving you the visibility into which people in your audience are engaging with your brand.

Set up the Integration in a Few Simple Steps

1. Log into your Oktopost account. Make sure your Oktopost account is enabled with the Mautic Integration. Contact your Oktopost Customer Success Manager for assistance.

2. In Oktopost: Go to Setup > App Settings > General: Integrations > Click Add Integration button > Click on the Mautic logo

Oktopost Mautic Step 1


3. In the Mautic Settings panel in Oktopost, enter the Mautic Tracking Pixel by following this format: http://yourdomain.com/mtracking.gif. [Additional documentation about the pixel can be found here.]

Oktopost Mautic Step 2


4. In the Mautic Settings panel, enter the Account CNAME. You may need assistance from the person that manages your web domain to set-up the CNAME. Visit the Oktopost knowledgebase for more information about setting up a CNAME Record.

5. Once the information for both the Tracking Pixel and CNAME have been added to settings, click Save and your account will be connected.

Oktopost Mautic Step 3

See Results in Mautic

Now that your Mautic and Oktopost accounts are connected you can view audience engagement in the contact history.  The contact history will include the referrer (the assigned domain for your Oktopost account) and if you’ve turned on “UTM Tracking” in your Oktopost account you’ll also be able to see specific campaign details within the contact history.

Oktopost Mautic Step 4

For more information about Oktopost visit https://www.oktopost.com or http://community.oktopost.com.