How to Send Only New Contacts in a Segment Through a Campaign

If you initiate a campaign from a segment, everyone in that segment will flow through that campaign. In this simple workaround, we describe how to use tags and a condition to only send new contacts through the campaign (this is one solution – there are several ways to accomplish this).



  1. Create a new campaign and initiate it with the segment you’re trying to send to only new members.
  2. Click on the selector and add an action to update a contacts tags.
  3. Add the tag (whatever you want to call it).
  4. Save and close the campaign then click Publish.
  5. Once the campaign has run, un-publish the campaign (important!)
  6. Set up your new campaign where the first step is a condition to see if the contact has been tagged, which means they should NOT proceed through the next steps.
  7. On the negative side of the condition (ie. they do NOT have the tag), set up the rest of the campaign.

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this task.  With this solution, you don’t need extra segments or custom fields.

Thanks to our community members @yourdigitalclub and @brandner for posting the discussion and the solution in our Slack channel!