September 2017 Update

The September 2017 (v. 2.10) update for Mautic is jam packed with improvements, bug fixes and new features. Check them out below! (Video at the bottom of this post).


    1. Improvements to the API
      Data around contact activities will now be far more accessible via the following data points:

      • Events table – ALL events are now accessible
      • Form submission data
      • Webinar data from Citrix
    2. Integrations and Audit Log tabs on a Contact record
      Two new tabs will be available in the Contact Timeline. The new Integrations tab allows Mautic users to see what integrations apply to a contact, as well as the Object, Object ID, Date Added and Last Sync Date for that contact. The second new tab called Audit Log, allows users to see every interaction with a contact in a log format including source, the event/action and timestamp.


    1. Clickable stats now available on emails
      The stats labels (ex. Pending, sent, read) on the email records page are now clickable to enable users with an easier navigation to the list of contacts being sent emails. The stats will still show total metrics whereas the clickable list shows unique contacts.
    2. Company fields can now be updated through CSV imports and forms
      This much requested enhancement allows you to update company fields via forms and contact/company imports. A new import button has been added to the company page. A new section called Company fields is available to map contact imports too. Similarly, you can now map a form field to any company field.

      Note: Take a look at the image below. You’ll note that the field names are now inverted. Mautic reads the field names from the first row in the CSV and now asks you to select the corresponding Mautic field. This should make your mapping go a lot more quickly.


  1. Update Null values bi-directionally for all CRM integrations
    Mautic will now support the ability to bi-directionally sync data where there are NULL values in fields, regardless of the specified direction of the sync. For example, if there is a blank value in a field that has been mapped as part of an integration, when the value is missing in either system, it will be updated even if the system that has the value is not the system of record for this field.This will work for the following CRM integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, ConnectWise, Zoho, MSDynamics and SugarCRM.
  2. Syncing Unsubscribes between CRM systems and Mautic
    Unsubscribe information can now sync between CRM systems and Mautic like any other field. You’ll map the direction of the sync like any other field in the plugin, selecting your system of record. This is available for the following CRM’s: Salesforce, Hubspot, ConnectWise, Zoho, MSDynamics and SugarCRM.

New features

    1. “Apply” button is now available in the builders
      You’ll now see an “Apply” button in the landing page, email and campaign builders. This button will save your changes without having to exit the builder.


  1. New Webhook campaign action
    A new action has been added called “send a webhook”. This enables the user to send information to a specified URL as part of a campaign.
  2. Custom timeframe campaign condition
    A new date function has been added where you can specify as part of a campaign condition, a custom number of days/weeks/month before or after a pre-specified date associated with a custom field.

    This gives users complete control over the timeframe on a campaign condition for a date field. Users can schedule a sequence of emails to go out leading up to a predefined date. For example, a user could send an email 10 days or 10 weeks before a predefined subscription end date.
  3. Update a timestamp on a contact field
    You can now update a timestamp field on a contact through a campaign action using date functions such as NOW, TODAY, YESTERDAY and TOMORROW. A NULL function is also now available. When a contact field is updated via a campaign action, existing values will be cleared out in the specified field for the contact.
  4. Set-up internal notifications as part of campaign
    A new action of, “send email to user” allows an email notification to be sent to a user, contact’s owner or any “To, Cc, or Bcc email addresses” as part of a campaign action.

We’re really pleased to bring this update to you!

For a complete list of bug fixes, updates and features, please see