Twitter Integration

Connect Twitter to Mautic

Connecting your Company’s Twitter account to Mautic is as easy as logging in!  Here’s a quick walk through for getting Twitter connected with Mautic.


First, navigate to the Plugins Page (Settings>Plugins) and find the Twitter icon.  When you click it, a modal will appear:

Under the Contact Mapping tab, make sure you map Email to Email and any other fields you’d like Mautic to pull (if they are made available).  After you’ve configured the integration, set Published to Yes and then click Authorize App (if you’re logged into your personal account in the same browser you’re using Mautic, make sure you’ve logged out before clicking Authorize App, as you will be asked to authorize your current account).  If you are not currently logged in to Twitter, you will be asked to log in to your desired Twitter Account in a pop up window:

Simply sign in and you’re all set!

Once you’ve enabled the integration, you’ll see that a Tweets option is now available under Channels:

This is where you’ll create your Tweets that you can send from with Campaigns, and are available under Actions.

Setting up your Twitter account will also make Social Monitoring a very useful tool.  There, you’ll be able to monitor mentions or hashtags (#).  You can set up Social Monitoring to place any Twitter users who mention your Twitter handle, or a specific hashtag in a Mautic Segment.  This will allow you to respond to those users, depending on the hashtag they mention by using that Segment as the Contact Source for a Campaign, from which you will send those tweets: