UTM Tags

Adding UTM Tags to Emails in Mautic is incredibly easy!

To get started, open up a new or existing Email under Channels.  From there, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see on the right side a section called Google Analytics UTM Tags:


As shown above, there are 4 options for UTM Tags:

  • Campaign source
  • Campaign medium
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign content

You can use all 4 at the same time if you’d like, but it is not required to fill them all out for each Email.  In this example, I will be using all 4:


After you’ve added your source, medium, name and/or content, Mautic will automatically append the UTM Tags to any links you have added in your Email(please be sure you’re adding links to Emails using the WYSIWYG):



As soon as someone clicks a link in the Email, Mautic will record their UTM Tags and store them in the Contact Record, which is viewable in the Contact Event History:



Once the UTM Tags are recorded, you can use them as Filters in Segments:


Or as columns in a Report (select UTM Codes as the Data Source):



In order to use these UTM Tags in association with Google Analytics so they appear in your GA Dashboard, you’ll want to be sure that your GA tracking is installed on the page you’re linking to, as this is what will sync with your GA dashboard and record the UTM Tags.  If it’s a Mautic Landing Page, you’ll want to be sure you’ve adding your GA ID to Tracking Settings in Configuration, or that you’ve manually embedded the GA Tracking Script if it is a non-Mautic 3rd party page.