What is Mautic?

Mautic is an open marketing software platform that provides you with the greatest level of integration and deep audience intelligence, enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections.


When you first log into Mautic, you’ll see the most important information to you, on your fully customizable dashboard. With its simple drag and drop interface, you can arrange the charts and maps to best meet your needs.


Mautic is designed to help you build powerful, meaning relationships with people. Once a contact is identified, every interaction is available to you in their profile. As the relationships grows, you can segment them manually, or automatically, based on the criteria you design. Mautic gives you a complete 360 degree view of the contact in one place as you forge these relationships throughout their life-cycle.


When you’re ready to set up a campaign, you’ll begin by creating the needed components and channels. Components include assets such as white papers, videos and blog posts etc., as well as any dynamic content, forms, landing pages and thank you pages. These can then be delivered by whatever channel best suits the campaign. Such as emails, web notifications, SMS text messages and social channels.

Custom Builder

Landing pages and emails are created simply by dragging and dropping elements onto a page. You can use one of Mautic’s templates or create one of your own. Embedding a form on a landing page is one popular way of gaining new leads. With Mautic you’re not limited at all. If video is part of your strategy, you can include a form at any point during playback. This gated video approach can significantly increase a campaign’s performance. Using this approach, you’ll simply tell the video where to stop and display the form, before the viewer can continue to watch. And of course, it’s all part of Mautic.

Campaign Builder

Once all the components and channels are ready, it’s time to build a campaign. Mautic’s campaign builder is simple, elegant and guides you through the process of defining the customer journey. From a simple follow-up email to a complex multi-channel, interactive campaign, each step offers you ways to personalize the entire experience.


Mautic integrations enable you to manage the complete end-to-end customer experience. Whether it’s moving contacts into your CRM system when they’re qualified, or using a plugin to embed forms or dynamic content right on your website, Mautic integrations have you covered. And because Mautic is open source, new integrations are being added regularly.


With Mautic, attributing success to your marketing campaigns has never been easier! Dashboard widgets and a powerful reporting system allow you to analyze the performance of your campaigns as a whole or each individual component or channel within that campaign. Customized reports allow you to get very detailed information, drilling into the details as much as you need.


“Mautic is driven by the belief that every organization should have the power to understand, manage, and grow their business in a meaningful way. We’re focused on helping this become a reality by getting powerful marketing tools into the hands of every business who needs it.”