Because Open Is Better

Open Marketing is the opposite of everything you know (and likely despise) about traditional “Marketing Clouds.” These old-school marketing automation platforms are closed, complicated and expensive, which makes them a necessary evil for many marketers. In comparison, the Open Marketing Cloud is flexible, intuitive and budget-friendly.

This open approach enables Mautic customers to go beyond automated emails and landing pages – so they can  personalize and automate their entire digital experience. Imagine you could:

  • Track sessions across all digital properties – such as websites, SaaS platforms and mobile apps
  • Leverage dynamic content anywhere in your digital experience
  • Score leads in your CRM based on user activity throughout your customer journey
  • Utilize cross-channel communications – including email, social, SMS and mobile alerts
  • Integrate with tools you've bought and homegrown systems you've built

With the Open Marketing Cloud, you don’t have to imagine. Hundreds of customers leverage Mautic to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience. Mautic enables you to bring together your entire customer journey, from Marketing to Sales to Product to Customer Support. Ask us how, and one of our Product Specialists will give you a guided tour.