Because Open Is Better

Open Marketing is the polar opposite of everything you know (and probably despise) about the traditional “Marketing Clouds.” These old school marketing automation incumbents are closed, siloed, complicated and expensive. For many marketers, these tools are a necessary evil. In contrast, the Open Marketing Cloud is modern, flexible, intuitive and budget-friendly.

This open, flexible approach enables Mautic customers to automate their email campaigns -- then automate all their digital marketing -- and then, to automate and personalize their entire digital experience.

Imagine you could:

With the Open Marketing Cloud, you don’t have to imagine. We have hundreds of customers that have gone beyond automating their email -- and are even moving past automating their marketing. These companies are now thinking about  automating and personalizing large swaths of their overall digital experience.

Mautic enables companies to bring their entire customer journey together -- from Marketing to Sales to Product to Customer Support. Ask us how, and one of our Product Specialists will answer any questions you have.