Manage Multiple Accounts

When you’re juggling campaigns and content for multiple clients, it’s a time consuming, manual process jumping between marketing automation systems to understand the value your team is creating. With Maestro, you now have a single access point to all your clients’ Mautic accounts. This unique management platform allows you to easily build benchmark reports, replicate high performing campaigns, gain access with single sign-on, apply custom branding to accounts, and even create a sandbox where you can develop ideas before going live in your client’s production environment.

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Replicate Campaigns Across Accounts

Your account team is likely creating similar campaigns, albeit with different content but with the same cadence of touches, for several of your clients. Maestro’s campaign replication capability helps your team save time by allowing them to not only clone campaigns within a single Mautic account, but across multiple accounts as well. Saving the steps of rebuilding the workflow allows them to execute campaigns and deliver value to your clients faster than ever.

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Benchmark Reporting

Maestro from Mautic offers more than just access to data, it gives you the tools to collect richer information across all of your clients’ accounts. This unique, high-level reporting capability allows you to compare results across all campaigns, identify improvement areas, and demonstrate how your team is impacting your clients’ business. Not to mention, Maestro’s elegant, intuitive interface makes it simple to extract that valuable information for client presentations.

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