Marketing Automation

Whether you’re just getting started or have been using marketing automation for a while, today’s modern marketer needs a solution that allows users to build smarter campaigns, faster. Mautic's fully featured marketing automation platform is more than just email and websites that's changing the way marketers communicate with their audience.

Painless Campaign Execution for Everyone on Your Team

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be the necessary evil that creates more pain than joy. Mautic simplifies marketing automation for everyone on your team, eliminating the need for dedicated, certified staff to run your operations. It’s easier than ever to publish customized assets and content, build automated communication tracks, execute A/B tests, and access all of your data by easily connecting to the rest of your business technology stack.

Open Marketing Automation Means Easy Integration

Today’s marketing technology stack is more complicated than ever, and deriving value from all the disparate pieces is challenging and expensive. Built in the age of modern marketing, Mautic is the only open marketing automation solution that easily plugs into the tools in your environment, gives you full ownership over your data, and has the flexibility change with your business. The result is unparalleled use of data across all of your systems to maximize communications to your audience in the way they want to hear from you.

Achieve Truly Agile Marketing with Unrivaled Flexibility

Change is constant in business. Markets, interests, perceptions, competition, technology, it’s everywhere you look. Adapting to change is critical to success. Mautic gives marketing teams unrivaled flexibility to embrace change and take more risks knowing that the result will be deeper relationships with more customers. Multiple communication channels, overall ease-of-use and open APIs for endless integrations, are just some of the ways that Mautic flexes to fit your needs.

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