Marketing Intelligence

Mautic’s Marketing Intelligence solution allows users to extract actionable data from all of your campaigns to see where and how marketing is contributing to your business. It’s more than just running reports and manipulating spreadsheets.  Mautic gives you both visibility into campaign effectiveness, but also uses the power of machine learning to help you build smarter programs optimized for your audience.

Remove the Guesswork on What’s Working

After all the years that marketing automation has been around, and despite the thousands of tools in the martech landscape, marketers still struggle with understanding which activities are performing well. Mautic’s Marketing Intelligence solution lets marketers see all of their campaigns in a single, easy to digest interface. Everything from conversion rates, to content engagement, to overall campaign performance, all the way through to pipeline attribution.

Measure, Learn, Apply, Repeat

Data is all around, but the real challenge is making sense of it, then taking action. It’s already been established that testing and iterating are core to being an agile, or nimble, marketing team. However, creating and executing the tests alone can be a cumbersome process. Marketing Intelligence is more than just getting the data, Mautic gives you the tools to collect richer information across your business and rapidly optimize campaigns in a scalable way.

Campaign Optimization with Machine Learning

It’s no secret that machine learning and AI are the next big thing. The Marketing Intelligence solution from Mautic gathers benchmarks and insights based on both the individual organization’s data, and from anonymized data collected from the 100,000+ companies using Mautic. With the help of machine learning, that information can then be used to further automate communications based on best practices and details learned about your audience preferences.

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