2.10 Release: Powerful Campaigns and Stronger Integrations

Modern marketing automation software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the present-day marketer. Staying on this trend, the 2.10 Mautic release specifically boosts your ability to run Account Based Marketing campaigns at scale and gives you more flexibility when you’re building campaigns around custom fields. Learn about what you can do with the campaign builder, enhanced integration capabilities, and the new UI/UX refinements in the post below.

More flexibility to customize campaigns

When we think about the campaign builder, we want it to be as intuitive and powerful as possible to help you deliver a fully personalized experience to your prospects and customers.

  • A new action has been added to the campaign builder called, “send a webhook”. This enables you to easily post a message or send data to a specified URL as part of a campaign.

  • A new date function has been added as part of a campaign condition, where you can specify an action to occur at a custom number of days/weeks/months before or after a date. This gives you even more flexibility to customize your campaigns around specific dates.

  • You can now update a timestamp field on the contact through the campaign builder. This lets capture the data you need to report on interactions over time. 
  • You can now update company fields via forms and imports. This furthers your ability to run targeted Account-Based Marketing campaigns as you scale your marketing efforts.

  • And finally, we added the ‘send email to user’ action to the campaign builder, enabling email notifications to be sent to a user, contact owner or any email addresses (To, Cc, Bcc) as a part of a campaign.

API and Integration Improvements

We believe the data in your marketing automation system should be easy to capture and analyze. A number of significant improvements have been made to the already open API to enable data around contact activities to be even more easily accessible. This makes reporting much stronger when trying to measure the effectiveness of certain programs and lets you more easily trigger campaigns off of key events in a contact’s history.

UI/UX: Fine-tuning the essentials

Each improvement to our intuitive, easy-to-use platform enables marketers to be as effective as possible. To support this, two new tabs are now available on the contact page to provide more visibility into updates made to the contact. This gives you more insight into contact behavior and how they are interacting with your brand.

Interactive stats for your emails are also now available so you can easily get to your detailed results. And finally, we have added new, detailed tooltips to help you glide through the platform faster than ever, all the while giving you the ability to apply and save any changes you make inside any of the builders (landing page, email and campaign) without ever having to leave the page.

Whether you sell to consumers or businesses, all of these enhancements help you move faster and further. For more information on building more powerful and strategic campaigns with Mautic, read this great blog post.

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