2017 Year in Review

Ringing in the New Year Looking Forward to 2018

I’m wrapping up what was my first full calendar year with Mautic. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by and how much the Mautic product, company and community has grown this year. We began 2017 with lofty goals and high expectations, excited about what was in front of us. It was a year with ups and downs, but each of them helped us build a better product that’s on track to disrupt a multi-billion dollar marketplace of closed, outdated incumbents.

In 2017, Mautic’s core marketing automation solution had some major improvements. In fact, there were over 20 new versions of the product released which included more than 75 new features, and 100s of other enhancements. Some of the highlights include new and improved integrations with several CRM solutions including Salesforce CRM, significant improvements to the UI and UX for an even better experience for end-users, and even more enhancements to the already open and flexible API.

Open Marketing Cloud

We have seen tremendous interest across the market from companies of all sizes looking for a better way to automate and personalize communications. Marketing automation as we’ve known it for the last decade has failed to keep up with the needs of today’s marketing demands. Earlier this year, we launched Open Marketing Cloud because we have observed these challenges, recognize where the market needs are going, and have already begun building the solutions that will equip marketers to better serve their audience and customers.

We’re investing in making marketing automation more open and flexible than it’s ever been before. We’ve started by expanding expertise of our leadership team by bringing on Sarah Wernik as our head of customer success, Matt Gallo as our head of sales and Justin Forte as our head of products. Globally, we’ve grown our number of employees by 150%, hiring in engineering, customer success, finance, sales and marketing.

We didn’t stop there, in October we released Maestro, a brand new product for managing multiple Mautic (marketing automation) accounts in a single view. We’ve already had a fantastic response from agencies and enterprises where this has been a long-time challenge. Not to mention, we’re excited to see how customers are already taking full advantage of the benefits of Maestro, and look forward to more of the same next year.

Special Thanks

Here we are closing out the year and I’m thrilled to share that we’ve grown our customer base by nearly 600%. That is without a doubt an achievement that we are incredibly proud of. We are very grateful to work every day with some of the most successful marketing teams helping them be even better at what they do.

As I take this opportunity to reflect on 2017, I realized that not only have we worked together to achieve much of what we set out to do, it’s going to be an amazing 2018 with an even stronger team, stronger community and stronger products. Special thanks to each of our customers, partners, team and community members, supporters, investors and fans for helping make this a year to remember.

Cheers to a great 2017 and a very Happy New Year!

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