A Great Example of Dynamic Content, Right in Front of You

Like many companies these days, Mautic sends out a monthly newsletter to our entire database. It’s a nice way to connect with our audience and deliver value with helpful, interesting content. It’s also just a smart and easy way to build the database, so we look for appropriate places across our site to promote newsletter sign-ups. One of those places is our blog homepage, and if you arrived at this post from there, you might have noticed the sign-up field below the featured article.


Dynamic Content in the Mautic Blog

But what what if you were already signed up for our newsletter? Or what if you signed up right now and then came back later in your visit/the day/your life? It would be really great if we could be more strategic and efficient with our use of that real estate, right?

Thanks to the dynamic content feature in Mautic, we can. And if you happen to be one of the thousands of people who are already subscribed to our newsletter, you would have seen this:


Using Dynamic Content with Mautic

Instead of leaving the email field there like nothing happened, or leaving the space empty (both of which are often the case on many sites today), Mautic gives you the ability to serve up a different piece of content. In our case we’ve chosen to use that space to cross-promote our customer Success Stories, but it really could have been any number of things, such as a CTA for a downloadable piece of content, an announcement or registration for an upcoming event, and we could even use it for progressive profiling – serving up another form field to help us acquire a new piece of information about our contacts.

To us, this is the kind of personalization that a modern marketing platform should enable. And since this is already a core feature of both our free and paid products, dynamic content experiences like this are currently possible for all Mautic customers to create. By the way, Mautic also includes a dynamic content feature for email – you can read about that in this help center article, and we’ll plan to dive in with some more examples in another blog post soon.

Have a great weekend, and to those of you here in the U.S., an early Happy 4th of July!

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