The 10 Best Tweets from the Marketo Outage of 2017

Every marketer has had their share of bad days. If you’ve ever sent the wrong email to a big list, or shipped conference materials to the wrong location, or shut down a webinar in the middle of said webinar, well, you’re not alone. In fact, there are lists across the web citing infamous marketing blunders.

Today, Marketo went down for several hours, taking with it the landing pages, forms, assets and emails of thousands of brands. Digital marketers everywhere are being impacted — and Twitter blew up with complaints, as well as some truly funny jokes.

While we sympathize with the folks at Marketo and all of their customers who are having a bad day and week, leave it to marketers to come up with some truly clever posts to help lighten the mood. This creativity and wit are among the many reasons Mautic loves working with marketers.  Here are some of our favorites, that made others laugh during a very bad day.











You can find more information about a modern marketing automation solution, and learn how Mautic can help you get up and running in hours, not weeks. And if you found other funny memes, videos about today’s outage, let us know at @mautic.

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