[Case Study] Improve Personalization and Customer Engagement with Modern Marketing Automation

Software limitations are holding companies back. So when uTest’s legacy marketing automation solution brought challenges in the form of personalization, in-app notifications and SMS capabilities, the company decided to look elsewhere for a solution.

uTest replaced its legacy marketing automation tool with Mautic to drive growth and innovation while cutting costs. Mautic differentiated itself from other vendors in key areas that allowed the solution to scale with the business:

  • Pace of innovation: uTest needed the most up-to-date marketing automation functionality, and Mautic’s open-source community enables faster innovation and more frequent releases.
  • Support: Mautic provides a degree of support that is not available through other marketing automation vendors. The Customer Success team is accessible, and the engineering team collaborates with uTest to develop functionality when a need arises. uTest even worked with Mautic to improve push notifications and SMS functionality.
  • On-boarding and implementation: uTest did not hire an implementation partner, instead utilizing Mautic’s on-boarding and training resources. They needed a quick and thorough implementation, and were fully transitioned to the platform within one week.

Improve Productivity by Saving Time

Implementing Mautic saved uTest over $16k on an annualized basis by increasing the productivity of application-facing employees, and over $32k by increasing the productivity of managers.

uTest can now build their complex campaigns much faster by using Mautic’s whiteboard-style campaign builder. Since using Mautic, uTest has significantly increased their email open rates, email referral traffic, event registrations and even their number of users.

What’s the ROI of a modern marketing automation platform?

Through their transition to a modern marketing automation platform, uTest has generated a 585% ROI. Through in-app notifications and SMS capabilities, uTest is now able to provide and manage a scalable, holistic customer experience that continues to pay dividends.

Improved community satisfaction was another significant benefit of implementing Mautic. Almost immediately, uTest recognized improved satisfaction among the uTest software testing community. This resulted in a 20 percent increase in their net promoter score (NPS), which is based on satisfaction surveys completed by testers.

To learn more about how the ROI was calculated or to begin your journey into modern marketing automation, read the full ROI case study.

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