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Welcome to our new blog series, CMO Secrets. The first and third Wednesday of every month, we feature an exceptional Marketing leader from around the industry. Some names will be easily recognized, and others may be new to you, but every single one will have been hand picked for their experience and knowledge in the world of Startups, Technology, and Marketing. The questions are ours, but the answers are theirs – every word, shared without edit, from their fingers to your eyes.

Today, we welcome Lynne Capozzi. As Acquia’s chief marketing officer, Lynne oversees all global marketing functions including digital marketing, demand generation, operations, regional and field marketing, customer and partner marketing, events, vertical strategy, analyst relations, content, and corporate communications.

Lynne is one of Acquia’s boomerang stories, first serving as Acquia CMO in 2009. Lynne left Acquia in 2011 to pursue her nonprofit work full-time. She returned to Acquia in late 2016 to lead the marketing organization into its next stage of growth.

Prior to her experience at Acquia, Lynne has held various marketing leadership roles in the technology space. She served as CMO at JackBe, an enterprise mashup software company for real-time intelligence applications that was acquired by Software AG. Before that, Lynne was CMO at Systinet, which was acquired by Mercury Interactive. And prior to that, Lynne was a VP at Lotus Development, which was later acquired by IBM.

Outside of her work at Acquia, Lynne is on the board of directors at the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust and runs a nonprofit through the hospital.

Tell us about Acquia, why you were excited to rejoin them as CMO, and the role marketing plays there.

We are the digital experience company. Our marketing and our digital presence is what we are all about. The world of open source, freedom, great products and great people brought me back to Acquia.

You’ve spent time at startups, nonprofits, and at more established, publicly traded companies. How do the marketing priorities differ in each of those environments?

In many ways, the marketing world is merging, no matter what size organization. Marketing is becoming more about personalized experiences with brands. It’s marketing to people – that’s the new consistent factor.

Are there any types of marketing decisions that you struggle with or that create the most debate among your team?

I think more and more, marketing decisions are based on data and less on subjective opinion. As marketers get more technology at their fingertips, they have more data. I love that. Makes our jobs easier. Now it’s a matter of analyzing and combining data. That’s the secret sauce.

In an interview with VentureFizz last November, you said you counted 27 different products in your tech stack. Has that number changed since then?

Yes, the number has grown in my stack. But I only add when it provides real value and I can see an ROI. I recently added a DAM product and a journey mapping product. I’m fortunate that these are Acquia products – my own team gets to benefit from them. I also constantly evaluate what’s in my stack and I swap out when I’m not getting ROI.

What advice do you have for B2B marketing execs re: the best way to “keep score” (or measure success) of their marketing efforts?

Look to your data. Analyze it. Tie it together and look at your customers’ lifecycle. All keys to success IMO.

You have previously worked with Mautic’s VP of Marketing, Katie Staveley – what was that experience like? Any insights on the best way to push her buttons? *asking for a friend 🙂

I did have the pleasure to work with Katie. She’s quite marvelous! Hmm… push her buttons? I think she’s quite unflappable. I’ve always appreciated her no-nonsense approach and her ability to figure out what matters vs what is just noise!

If you could wave a wand and fix one area of 2018 marketing – for all marketers – what would it be?

With my magic wand in hand, I’d have to use it for easier integration across the stack. This seems to be what all marketers are facing. Integration between all the systems. That would be ideal. But if I had the wand for a second day, I’d choose multi-touch attribution and making that a no-brainer. Wouldn’t that be great!

In your experience, what traits or behaviors separate good marketers from great marketers?

Marketers that are always willing to learn and adapt. It’s a changing digital world, and all aspects of marketing are changing rapidly. People that can learn and adapt, marketers that are into data and can listen. It’s not the number of years of experience that matters. It’s willingness, passion, grit and ability to communicate that matter the most!

What’s your proudest professional accomplishment?

I think being involved in my last company where I was part of the Sr. Leadership team and we were able to sell the company. It was quite a process and I loved it! Hard work, but rewarding for sure.

Do you ever have any downtime at work? If so, what do you do with that time?

We try to have some fun in Marketing at Acqiua – most of it revolves around great food! And I take a summer vacation with my family, its a chance to reconnect and get away. We try adventure vacations. Most are fun.

Is it helpful having a spouse whose career is also in the Boston startup world? Do you find yourselves talking shop often and helping each other with different work-related situations or decisions?

We do share a lot at home. It’s very helpful to be able to ask him – as a CEO – do you care about this or would you want to be involved in that? And he always gives me a great perspective. I admit though, I tend to offer up advice that at times is unsolicited!

What’s a recent advertising or marketing campaign that you thought was outstanding?

I love the simple campaigns. Direct, to the point, and punchy. I thought the “Fearless Girl” statue placed in NY next to the big bull was incredible. Amazing message and great social leverage.

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