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Marketing Automation Shouldn’t be Holding You Back

In today’s martech landscape, marketing automation means many different things to different people. Traditionally it’s been rooted in website tracking and email marketing. But in recent years, anything that automates any individual piece, no matter how small, is now considered marketing automation.

The end result… marketers are left with more email marketing tools and hundreds of other disparate technologies that still haven’t gotten any better at solving the same core problem – getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in a scalable way.

Martech Consolidation is Coming

It’s inevitable that consolidation will happen across the marketing technology industry. It’s only a matter of when, not if. The market cannot sustain too many more point solutions. But more importantly, marketers are looking for less complexity not more. The days of cobbling together dozens of solutions to run marketing campaigns is nearing the end. It’s simply not practical and it doesn’t scale. Martech solutions will not escape the marketers everlasting need to do more with less.

More Capability with Less Complexity

We all want more than just email marketing. Even if our business is not ready for it today, we at least want the option of trying a variety of tactics like personalizing messages with dynamic content or using mobile notifications to communicate with our audience. And we want it without a lot of heavy lifting or substantial cost.

Mautic is the only modern marketing automation platform that gives you the flexibility to be more creative with your marketing campaigns in a single solution. The latest release of Mautic 2.8 gives users even more with new capabilities like:

  • Using tweets in your automated nurture campaigns
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Easily adding robust dynamic content into your emails
  • Improvements in web notifications and SMS communications
  • Improved integration with GoToWebinar
  • Deeper integration with Salesforce Campaigns
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities so you can measure and iterate quickly

Mautic is more than just email. Sending communications through several channels including social, SMS, web notifications, dynamic web content, and mobile notifications are all available and included in the Mautic Pro subscription. And all accessible through a simple user interface.

It’s easy to use, easy to deploy, and gives you the power to deliver personalized messages to your audience at scale.

Want to see how Mautic works? Click here to request a demo today.

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