Expanded Integrations and Plugins with Mautic 2.9

The latest release of Mautic includes an expanded set of available plugins and deeper integration with the tools that marketers have come to rely on. Users now have the ability to connect to even more external data sources, and use that information in Mautic to trigger campaigns and create more personalized experiences for their audience.

Modern Means Open and Flexible

Mautic’s modern, open approach to marketing automation gives users the flexibility to work with the tools that are best suited to their business. Not only is the list of standard plugins growing very quickly, Mautic’s open APIs allow for easy integration with countless solutions giving marketers more freedom and visibility to build smarter campaigns.

  • Zapier: Mautic and Zapier users now have the ability to trigger workflows in Zapier based on information collected in Mautic including form submission data, email open data, page hit data, point change data, contact creation data and contact updated data. Learn how it works with this video in the Mautic Cloud Help Center.
  • Connectwise, Microsoft Dynamics and PipeDrive: New standard plugins are now available for an expanded list of CRMs including Connectwise, Microsoft Dynamics, and Pipedrive. Mautic users now have the ability to bi-directionally sync contact and company data, as well create new records any of these CRM systems or Mautic.
  • SugarCRM and Zoho now bi-directional: The SugarCRM and Zoho standard plugins have been further enhanced to include bi-directional sync. Users now have the ability to both share contact and company data between Zoho or SugarCRM and Mautic, and create new records in either system.
  • Salesforce Enhancements: The integration between Salesforce and Mautic is rich with functionality including bi-directional sync between multiple objects – leads, contacts, accounts, and campaigns. With this latest release, Mautic users can expect overall improved performance and scalability of the Salesforce integration.

This release also included functional improvements to reporting and focus items, in addition to performance improvements in email deliverability and list import speeds. If you want to learn more, visit our Mautic Cloud Help Center and watch the tutorial videos on how these integrations work.

Now, it’s time to take these new features and put them into action. To help you get started, here’s how one company generated a 585% ROI with Mautic.

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