Highlights from the Open Source Entrepreneur Network Event

This last week I had the great opportunity to speak at the Open Source Entrepreneur Network (OSEN) event. Held regularly, this group gathers to speak about all things open source, and in particular, how it relates to building a business and surviving startup life. John Mark, the event organizer, reached out and asked if I would be interested in sharing some insights and thoughts I’ve discovered as Mautic has exploded into the marketing automation space.

I have to admit, when I am given these speaking slots I can’t help but get excited. Every time I speak I have something new and different I can share from Mautic. This is mostly because I’m learning so much and because Mautic is growing so rapidly. I enjoyed this event in particular because I was able to share how Mautic balances extreme community success with fast-paced, successful company growth at the same time.

Key Takeaways for Building Open Source Ideas and Communities

Usually at these types of events I like to share one or two important takeaways that I hope will help others as they build their open source ideas and communities. So, for all those who were unable to attend the event this year, here are a few of my highlights.

Open Source as a Differentiator: First, simply being an open source startup is not your differentiating factor. Just because you build your startup around the philosophy of open source doesn’t mean you are special or unique. As I shared with the group, open source is the vehicle that allows you to be special, unique, and better…but it’s not the focus. Every startup still needs to identify ways to be differentiated from competitors in their market space.

In the case of Mautic, we use open source to make our marketing automation platform faster and easier than anyone else. We leverage open source to make our integrations deep, robust and far more expansive than anyone else. We also take advantage of open source to be far more flexible and make marketing automation fit your business instead of you having to make your business fit the software.

Data Privacy: The second highlight came from a question asked during the Q&A time. I was asked whether I was concerned about data privacy (working in the marketing technology – martech space). I was very quick in my response, answering that yes, I was very, very concerned about data privacy. In an age where marketers will collect information on their users and then pay a third-party software provider to access some of that information – Mautic is clearly the only truly open, fully trustworthy solution. With Mautic, the marketer knows every piece of data collected and truly owns their data. In this scenario, Mautic is the only marketing automation solution that demonstrates vigilance in the fight for data privacy.

I’d like to thank John Mark as well as the event sponsor _Underscore.vc for the warm welcome and opportunity to share stories with the OSEN group. For anyone in the Boston area who has not attended one of their events, I would highly encourage you to make the time for it. You certainly won’t regret it.

To learn more about the Mautic Community – visit www.mautic.org.

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