How Are You Evaluating Your Marketing?

As a marketing leader, you’re expected to produce results for your organization. Given the variety of marketing strategies and tactics these days, those results can come in many forms. But for most commercial businesses, the universal measure of success is revenue.

Here’s the bad news: the connection between most marketing program metrics and revenue are rarely direct or obvious. You already knew this.

Now here’s the good news: we’ve got a couple lessons that can help you demonstrate bottom-line impact from your marketing programs and exponentially increase confidence in your decision-making.

And hang on, because it’s your lucky Friday – there’s more good news: these lessons are easy to learn and quick to implement.

Stop traffic – could it be? yes – even more good news, and possibly the best news of all: we’ve got a video sneak-peek of this marketing goodness right here, so you don’t have to read anymore!

Check out this brief clip featuring our VP of Marketing, Katie Staveley, as she gives a quick example of how our marketing evaluated a recent program we ran. In fact, it was a program to generate registrations for the webinar where this clip came from. And if you want the rest of her lessons and some really valuable insight into how you can begin mapping your marketing to closed business, including an awesome intro to reverse-engineering, that webinar is available on-demand right here. Have a great one!


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