Infusing the Human Touch into Your Marketing Strategy

33% of marketing budgets is now going to technology. This means that it’s getting exponentially more difficult to infuse the human touch into your marketing strategy.

Whether you have a powerful marketing automation platform or a simple email marketing tool, it’s easy to slap a {First Name} tag or token into your message and call it personal. But in reality, relating to a prospect on a human-to-human level requires much more than this.

Here are four ways you can infuse the human touch into your marketing strategy today:


This gives your prospect a chance to ask questions and interact with an actual person. Even if the chat box on your website starts with a robot asking questions, it’s important to give your sales team access to the portal so they can jump in when the conversation escalates. And once these leads are in your database, you can use the information you’ve acquired through the chat portal to tailor your nurture campaigns.

Dinners and Luncheons

These smaller events give your sales team a real chance to build one-on-one relationships with your prospects. Rather than a huge trade show or larger company event where each attendee feels like a number, these intimate events make prospects feel exclusive and important. When trying to bring the human touch into your marketing, these are quite possibly the two most influential emotions you can invoke in a potential client.

Now, don’t just stop at executing the live event. Make sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned on messaging from the beginning of your promotional efforts all the way through follow-up. 

Direct Mail

These campaigns can get expensive real fast, but a quality direct mail campaign will stand out from the rest of the noise. Getting a package at work makes the recipient feel important and brings buzz to the office. When I got my first package, people continuously walked by and asked what was inside. Each time this happened, I would talk to my colleagues about the package and the company that sent it to me. It was the gift that kept on giving!

But a successful direct mail campaign doesn’t just stop with mailing a package. It requires coordinated, intentional follow-up from marketing and sales teams to continue each lead’s progress through the sales cycle.

Hyper-Personalized Communications

Including a human touch in your marketing strategy is more than calling someone by name or mentioning their company. It’s about building a complete profile of information on each of your contacts and using that full set of data to influence all your communications and campaigns going forward. Personalization here doesn’t start with the subject line of your email. It starts with your segmentation and strategy for nurturing your leads and continues as they move through the funnel.

For more information on personalizing your marketing campaigns for the contacts you acquire through the channels mentioned above, read our latest eBook.

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