Lessons from Hypergrowth: Building a Brand with Mike Troiano

What is a brand?

It’s a world’s collective response to what you’re delivering to the market ‒ and how the world feels about your messaging and entire customer experience.

Brand success has HUGE value. But brand failure can confuse potential customers and turn them away before you’ve even had a chance to talk. Here’s what Mike Troiano (former CMO of Actifio) said about building a brand at Hypergrowth 2017:

Reflect on the customer

The most important question to ask yourself here is ‒ how does solving the problem we solve feel to the people we’re solving it for?

This is the beginning of building your brand. Do market research. Talk to your potential customers. Understand their biggest problems and how your product solves them. All of this is essential in forming your Go-To-Market story and defining your brand.

Simplify your response

Once you deeply understand how your product solves specific problems, take a step back. What is the shiny object that’s strong enough and emotional enough to lead with that will break through to your target audience?

With so much content out there, you should be simple and specific. Especially if you’re a small company and nobody knows who you are yet. It doesn’t matter how good your brand looks if people can’t quickly understand what your company does and what problems you solve.

Deliver your message consistently across the market

Consistency begets liking. If you consistently deliver your message for long enough, people will trust that your company will deliver on your promises. Companies also need to create personalized experiences for each customer and prospect to build on that trust.

People want relevant information that’s pertinent to their situation. Not one-size-fits-all content emails. They want relevant messages delivered to the channels they use most ‒ like SMS, web, social media and in-app push notifications. Companies can accomplish this by controlling all of your multi-channel marketing through one central hub. Delivering consistent messages through multiple channels will ultimately break through the noise.

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